Play YouTube videos in background (mobile)


Quite often we stumble upon an interesting YouTube video and wish it played in background while your phone can snooze a bit but as soon as you come out of the app the video stops and it’s annoying sometimes.

Here are a few solutions that might help you overcome this annoying problem and play the video seamlessly in background:
This trick will work both in Android and iOs(a bit surprised)

Firefox to the rescue

  1. Go to play store / apple store and download the Firefox browser application 
  2. Go to The responsive version will be seen at first.
  3. Go to page settings and request the desktop site which will make it look like the desktop version.(not necessary but faster buffer time and also remember to disable autoplay)
  4. Go to your YouTube app and open the desired video. Click share button and choose copy to clipboard.
  5. Paste the link in the browser and the video starts playing.
  6. Now you can come out of Firefox and it will still play your audio.

Amazing right?😉

The other way (not for iOs) is for you to use an Android app that will enable to run your video in background.

  1. Go to this link and download the Audio pocket app. This app syncs with your YouTube app and runs the video in background.
  2. Once downloaded, go to YouTube app and choose your video.
  3. Click share and choose audio pocket from the list of choices and the video starts buffering.
  4. You can close the YouTube app now and play it with Audio pocket alpha.


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