15 Years in the World of Technology

15 Years in the World of Technology
Technology has evolved in the recent years much faster than in the 20th century. With the evolution of Internet acting as the driving force, it has changed the way people look at a problem. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple has some major contributions in it. Let’s look at the events of the last 15 years that led to what we are seeing now.

Year 2000

The telecommunication companies in the United Stated started rolling out broadband lines to consumers, making the Internet accessible to many. Soon the number of .com domain names increased rapidly as each and every company started to adopt it. Businesses came online and listings like Craigs List started gaining popularity.

The year also witnessed the launch of the first commercial USB flash drive, that is currently a major source of data distribution.

Year 2001

Apple introduces their first ever iPod, revolutionizing the music industry.
The company marketed it with the quote,

Ultra-Portable MP3 Music Player Puts 1,000 Songs in Your Pocket

Jimmy Wales came up with his brilliant idea of spreading information, result of which is Wikipedia.

Year 2002

The mobile phone space started to emerge rapidly. Blackberry moved from creating pagers to intelligent mobile devices. They launched phones with push mails, text messaging, web browsing etc.

Macintosh was re-introduced by Apple Inc., taking the computing industry by storm. Although it’s priced much higher that normal PC’s, iMac offered the great performance to users.

Year 2003

The touch version of iPod came into the market and so the iTunes was introduced to manage the distribution of commercially licensed music.

VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) was established and Skype came into existence, allowing internet users to communicate remotely. The internet also took over the employment industry as LinkedIn enabled communication between employees and the employer.

Year 2004

The next generation of the web was proposed by the W3C consortium, called the Web 2.0. The year also witnessed the launch of the biggest ever social network, Facebook.

Year 2005

This year witnessed the extinction of the good old floppy drives. Flash drives were used for most of the data transfer and storage purposes. Google Maps came out of beta, allowing everyone to identify routes and places via the Internet.

Youtube was launched to provide online video streaming service in the browser. Videos of pets flooded the website soon after the launch.

Year 2006

The first tweet was posted in Twitter by Jack himself.

just setting up my twttr

— Jack (@jack) March 21, 2006

Nintendo launched the Wii gaming console, enabling wireless gaming experience.

Year 2007

Apple came up with iPhone, running their own operating system iOS. It bought rich user experience and functionalities. Mean while, Amazon introduced the Kindle reader, focusing of book lovers.

Google Maps got the Street View functionality enabling users to actually view the places. It showed a 180 view of the place by stitching multiple photos together.

Year 2008

The first Android smartphone, HTC Dream, was launched. The introduction of electric-powered cars also marked the year as remarkable. Google also came up with Chrome browser, that is running on majority of Desktop and Mobile devices.

Year 2009

Smaller and slimmer laptops with limited functionality came up in the name of Netbooks. These were intended to be used primarily for web browsing and word processing.

Other big development in technology was the invention of 3D Scanning devices. Also phones were bundled with GPS functionalities, enabling them to navigate in real time.

Year 2010

The tablet era began with the launch of iPad, which also paved way for the implementation of Augmented Reality. 3D televisions became available to the public.

Microsoft introduced Xbox 360 with Kinect, that tracked the body moments and mapped into characters in the game.

Year 2011

The year marked the tremendous growth of the Android platform. Google+ was launched to compete against Facebook, although it didn’t take off well.

The patent war between Samsung and Apple became nasty. Ultrabooks emerged to compete against the MacBook Air.

Year 2012

Leap Motion technology and Virtual reality came into the limelight. The next iteration of the Windows operating system came up, the Windows 8. Microsoft also introduces the Surface tablet running the same operating system. Apple also launched the iPad mini to conquer the entire tablet space.

Year 2013

Gaming devices had vast improvements. Microsoft introduces the Xbox One while Sony came up with PlayStation 4.
3D printing technology was showcased to the consumers.

Year 2014

Google’s self driving car and the Google Glasses was a break-through in  automation and augmented reality.

Oculus Rift took virtual reality to the center stage, making it comfortable to the public. Mobile collaboration tools also saw a rise.

Year 2015

Google Became Alphabet. The project loon to beam internet from sky took off. Mobile Payments changed the way purchases were made. Apple introduced Apple Pay while Samsung came up with Knox.
Nano engineering saw remarkable development, making things flexible, strong, and extremely light.

There has been a tremendous change in technology that is used by the consumers. Lets wait and see what 2016 has in stores for us.