6 Websites Where You Can Learn To Code For Free

6 Websites Where You Can Learn To Code For Free

Over the past few years, learning to code has become more of a necessary skill for almost everyone, from computer professionals to entrepreneurs. The number of programmers have tremendously over the past year and by far the interesting fact is that more than half of the people who know to code are self-taught. Internet has become a resource pool with lots of websites and forums specifically for those who are learning to code.

According to the survey by Stack Overflow this year, students contribute to a massive 12.6% of the programming community. The fact that there are only 5.8% of Women programmers is very upsetting.

Stack Overflow Self-taught Programmers

Ready to learn? How much does it cost? Thanks to various startups and initiatives by large corporate companies, you don’t even have to shell out money from your pocket. These are 10 best websites that teach you how to code for free.

1.Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is an open source community of programmers that hosts challenges, projects and even provide certifications based on your code. It specializes on skills such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, Git, Node Js, React Js and D3 Js. it also lets you collaborate with other programmers in developing applications. Learning takes place along with solving real-world problems. It lets you assemble a portfolio of applications that you will be building during the learning process.

Free Code Camp

2.Codecademy [Recommended for Kids and Beginners]

Codecademy is an interactive website that aims to redefine the way students are taught to learn to code. It has become quite popular in the recent days with a large user base of over 25 million people. It follows a learn and apply method, where new concepts and syntax are shown on the left pane and a coding area is presented on the right pane. The user has to go through the guide and apply it in the coding pane to proceed further in the selected course.

It has a good number of courses varying from HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP for web development to Java, Rails and even the Command Line Interface.


EdX is an open-source online learning platform that delivers courses right from the top universities such as MIT, Boston University, Harvard etc. Founded in the year 2012, it has over 90 global partners that provides learning content for its users. EdX also provides certification courses from the university that delivers the course.

The website not only contains courses on programming but also on various other fields such as architecture, design, medicine and literature.


Coursera learn to code

It is an technology company that provides educational content in partnership with numerous institutions. It provides both free and paid courses, depending on the complexity of the subject. You are free to start off with the introductory courses and only have to pay in case you need a certification. It offers more than 1,000 courses from 119 institutions across the world.

You can also make use of its mobile applications to learn on the go.

5.Code Avengers

Code Avengers provides an fun and interactive platform to learn to develop websites, apps and games. It provides courses on web technologies that focus on cross-platform compatibility. Every course has a task that is to be completed after learning.

It uses a similar approach to Codecademy but focuses entirely on retaining its users with tasks that are more interesting. It also supports a set of languages from English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese.

6.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the pioneers in providing online learning content. This was the first website that I came to know back in 2009 followed by Codecademy. It was the Google India’s initiative of spreading the sources of online education by which I came to be aware of Kan Academy.

The website offers courses and tutorials that spread over multiple categories from math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and even more. The company has also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT for offering specialized content to its users. And everything is completely free for life.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the website that best suits your need and start coding.

Additional Resource: For all the book lovers out there, here[Link] is a curated list of free programming books that are available to download. The list is categorized by the programming languages. It contains books for 186 different languages. And that’s a whole lot of learning to do.

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