Bumps in your keyboard can make your life easier. Read Through!

Bumps in your keyboard can make your life easier. Read Through!

Have you ever noticed a bump in f and j buttons of your keyboard.Here is all you need to know.

This has been the way the keyboards were manufactured since 1960’s and almost all the keyboard have this little bump. Notice that once you place both index fingers on the letters f and j you can reach all of the letters in the keypad and thus improving typing efficiency.

Use the bumps wisely

For people who type with a speed of two words per minute may not find this of any help but for the fast typists who do not feel the need to look at the keyboard while typing. In an effort to increase the typing speed and efficiency these bumps were added and also helps the users to type without looking.


Take a typing test

When your index fingers are on the bumps and est of them are covering the other keys of the same row,the position is called as “HOME ROW”. The Home row is were your hands should be positioned by default and it should return to the home row. These are the small tips which improves your efficiency and also there are a lot of websites like this which helps you achieve a considerable amount of speed while typing.

Use the bumps in your keyboard wisely and finish your paperwork on time. Cheers 🙂