Four Useful Android Apps That Are Not In Play Store

Four Useful Android Apps That Are Not In Play Store

Android, as a platform has evolved rapidly expanding its user base to over 1.6 billion devices. Although there are many third-party app stores, the Play Store has been the major source of apps, which is maintained by Google itself. But sometimes, certain apps dont make it to the play store but they turn out to be quite useful too.

Here are four unique apps that are not available via play store but prove to be of great use.

NewPipe for YouTube

The app is an alternative to the official YouTube app from Google. It is quite lightweight and doesn’t require any Google services to be installed. Phew, that’s a relief for lot of Android users.

The videos in the app are played in the app itself or even in an external player, if required. The app also lets users to play music in the background from your favorite YouTube playlist and continue browsing.

NewPipe for YouTube

In case you have a terrible internet connectivity, the app lets you download videos or only audio and allows for delayed playback. You can even connect to a Tor network to download videos, for that privacy-minded guy in you. And if you have a home theater that runs on Kodi, you can utilize the “Play with Kodi” feature to blast videos on to your TV.

The APK is just 2.9 MB and can be downloaded from the F-Droid app repository. And if you turn out to be developer, head over to its Github repo to contribute to the project.

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground is a one-stop solution for downloading apps, shopping and have access to Amazon Instant Videos. It offers over $10,000 in apps, games and even in-app items for free.

If you are an app junkie, then you definitely will regret if you miss this one. And if you need freebies or discounts, don’t hesitate to download Amazon Underground.

Visit on your device to download the app. Note: You will have to check “Unknown Sources” in the Settings -> Security for to install the app.

Notification Logger

As the name suggests, this app automatically creates a log of all the notifications that your phone sends out. So, in case you accidentally swipe off any important notifications, the log will help you to see them. It can also come in handy for those users for whom the history might help them out in their work.

Notification Logger

It’s useful to find which apps sent you a notification, read truncated notifications and even read notifications dismissed by error.

Notification Logger

Once the app is installed, go to System Settings -> Security -> Notification access, then enable Notification logger in order for the app to read notifications.

Download Link: Dropbox

PS4 Remote Play

PS4 Remote Play App

The PS4 Remote Play is an android app for Sony smartphones that lets to play PS4 games on their phones when connected on the same home network. But the app is ported to work on other devices by an XDA developer, and now the PS4 experience can be delivered by any phone out there. The minimum requirement is Andioid 4.2+ i.e., Jelly Bean or above. Attach dualshock 4 to device using OTG cable, grand necessary permissions when prompted and start playing.

Download Link: Zippyshare

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