Android Apps that you might not have heard of

Android Apps that you might not have heard of

Android, as we all know, is a highly customizable operating system that offers numerous options for its users. It lets the user change each and every module of the mobile OS. But only a handful of power users is actually using it because most of the stuff still remain hidden. From rooting your device to flashing custom ROM’s and recoveries, there is a lot of stuff to explore.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the apps, tools and methods that do an awesome job in improving user experience on the device.

NetGuard Firewall

Android devices, basically are prone to malware attacks that happen due to app installs from unknown sources. And even if the device is infected, we might not know it at all. A firewall comes in handy in such situations providing detailed data usage stats about the phone. It can monitor the application’s network usage and even limit it for particular apps.


Apps like Avast Antivirus already has an inbuilt firewall but it requires you to have rooted your device. NetGuard is a great alternative in such situations as it does not require root permissions.

By preventing and monitoring data usage, it can save you a lot of battery from those battery-hogging apps. And it assures you privacy from ad networks in applications that work offline. Also, the project is Open Source making it a promising bet for privacy.

Play Store (Stable | Beta) | GitHub


neutriNote is a simple note taking application that adds rich markdown functionality with LaTeX. It is a lightweight application that uses very less battery. It includes syncing abilities with DropBox, Google Drive etc. Added to it is a clipboard viewer that comes in handy for readers and writers.


The app supports for add-ons such as themes, tasker(for automating certain tasks) and many more. And, it’s not just text that could be written. neutriNote supports math expressions, bar codes, drawings in ASCII and few other formats too. Moreover, the app is completely free with no bugging ads. It also supports the permissions in Android Marshmallow and multi-window in Samsung phones and tablets.

Play Store (Stable)


Advertisements have always been a buggy thing for android users since the time in-app ads emerged. Google also have been strict with ad blockers. Almost all of the ad blockers are blocked from Google Play Store as it breaks the revenue cycle of many apps. But some users might be demanding to not see any advertisements. AdClear is an app for such a crowd.

AdClear is a simple ad blocker that works even on non-rooted devices. It filters out ads that appear in apps and also in browsers. AdClear creates a VPN on your device to filter out Ad traffic before it reaches you on the web or in apps. It is the first of the kind ad blocker to remove traces on encrypted ads. Blocking ads prevent intrusion of malware into your phone.

Web site (link) | XDA


Automate, as the name suggests, is an automation tool for your daily tasks. It allows users to create flowcharts that specify tasks on the occurrence of an action. The app is really intuitive as the user requires to enable permissions only for the tasks that are being used at that moment.

Automate App

Sharing your flows with friends and family is also made easy. Automate currently includes more than 260 blocks to build with, including actions, conditions, event triggers, loops and more. Some of them get location and geofencing, check Gmail unread count, take a picture with camera or screenshot, reboot or shutdown device, execute (root) shell command etc.

Web site (link) | Play Store (Stable)

XDA Labs

Ever heard about XDA?

XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

It is a huge community working constantly in improving the mobile user experience and keeping most of the phones updated with custom ROM’s and tweaks.

XDA Labs is a one-stop solution to most of the stuff on XDA Forum. It has four different sections, News being the first one. It has a separate Apps sections where some of the super cool applications are presented. The app also includes a wallpaper section. But the most important of it all is the Xposed module.

XDA Labs

Xposed? It’s a framework as well as a module manager that lets you access and tweak the code of other installed applications on the device. Xposed makes use of various modules for different purposes. This section of XDA Labs display the available modules that can be used to alter things according to the need of the user.

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The android platform is still growing and the innovations are neither hitting a dead end. These apps might someday be bundled as a feature in your stock version itself. If your are a developer for Android, XDA is a place to get lots of inspiration and knowledge. If not, let this be the start. Have a great day.