Android N might be named after an Indian sweet!

Android N might be named after an Indian sweet!
Sundar Pichai,CEO of Google visited India for the first time after taking over the company and was welcomed with a fully packed house at  Delhi University’s Sri Ram College of Commerce. Pichai answered all the questions shot to him live as well as through social media

Harsha Bhogle  hosted the event today and no wonder he asked him about his cricket interests.At some point Harsha even called Sunadar Pichai “The Rahul Dravid of the tech Industry”, As it turns out Sundar Pichai himself has quite an interest in the game and he told he was a big fan of Sunny Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar.

Sundar Pichai had a comment about the Indian education System 

 “India has a culture of valuing education and the education system here should encourage creativity and to make sure that the the system doesn’t penalise you for being different.”

He persuaded the students to build a new start up and not to worry about failing  and added that failing in silicon valley with a start up is a proud badge to wear.

When asked if any following versions of Android be named after an Indian sweet he told he would ask his mom for suggestions and conduct an online poll for naming Android N. Perks of having an Indian CEO I guess.