Anticipated Tech products of 2016! Read Through…

Anticipated Tech products of 2016! Read Through…
As the years go by the technology gets advancing and as exciting as it sounds, it is of more joy to find out whats in store for the years to come.Here’s a list of the most anticipated tech products which are likely to be released in 2016.

5. PlayStation VR

Sony’s answer to Facebook’s Oculus. It is Sony’s effort to sustain in the world of virtual reality, the prototype shows a display made of OLED and a freedom head tracking software.The visuals are shown at an astonishing 12 frames per second. It opens a new perspective in the world of gaming.While the product was still in development at the end of 2015,we can surely expect it to be released any time this year.

4.The Diet Sensor

It is the world’s first instant nutrition coach.It has a sensor which scans your food and gives real time information.It uses the concept of molecular spectroscopy.It analyses the food and translates the results into user readable information.In this fast-food dependent world, it wouldn’t hurt to have a nutrition coach.It is expected to be viral as it is insanely easy to use and it has hundreds of libraries for food information.

3.Throw and Go aka Lily camera

This will be the most innovative camera ever released,likely to beat the likes of Go Pro.The throw and go is very proactive and simple to use.It follows around the user and takes pictures once it is launched in the air.It’s the amalgamation of Mechanical and IT innovation and looks sweet.The only downside will be it’s cost.
Lily camera in action

2.Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

It is an addition to the blooming mobile industry,The S7 Edge is likely to be released this year and it will obviously be an improvement on the S6. The main competitor to the Apple’s iPhone is the Samsung’s galaxy series.There are rumors that the S7 won’t differ in any way in the design perspective but the S7 will be devoid of bugs which holded back it’s ancestor.
The prototype of S7 Edge
1. Oculus Rift
The current front runner in Virtual reality and gaming industry.The product features a head mounted display with built-in headphones for a 3-D audio effect, not to mention the positional tracking.It can stream media files and of course has social network integration.
“This is just the beginning and it really delivers the magic of presence” says the keynote speaker of the Oculus Rift.
The Oculus Rift