Facebook Messenger for Android now allows support for Multiple Accounts

The Social Networking giant, Facebook has been making numerous efforts on improving its Messenger across different platforms. Today Messenger for Android got a new update to support multiple accounts which enables users to maintain more than one facebook accounts on their messenger and have a track of the notifications at the same time.

screeeenThis new feature would enable many parents to have a check on their kids and have a better understanding of them. Also if there are people who share a common device to use Messenger, who had the difficulty of logging out and in every single time to switch accounts can have a relief now. If you are concerned about the privacy of your account, that your friends or family could open your account, the Messenger asks for the password, the first time you switch the accounts and also you can opt to require passwords every time you switch the accounts. Also the Messenger notifies of new messages on different accounts, but the message will remain private until the account is switched.

The update is only for Android right now, and Facebook is soon expected to roll out the updates to other platforms as well. So if you’re sharing a Non-Android device, then you should have to wait and keep checking on your App Stores for update.

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