Facebook has a secret website you didn’t know about!! Read through!

Facebook, the world’s leading social networking service is used all over the world and I just found out they had a secret website for their messaging service all along.


The Mobile application’s replica

Even though the website is an utter replica of the mobile application, the website is amazingly fast and has an awesome look to it also.It is a stripped down website you can just use to chat with friends along with video calls.Pretty useful if you don’t bother about the Facebook’s newsfeed. The interface is plain white you might even forget the original theme.

Facebook had launched this service back in April 2015 but no one seems to know it exists and what strikes me most is, if facebook.com owns this incredibly awesome website, why keep it as a lesser known website??

Umm.. May be just for the geeks 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Click the link SECRET FACEBOOK WEBSITE, and enjoy chatting.

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