Facebook’s secret game revealed!

Facebook’s secret game revealed!
Facebook, widely known for its tacky innovations just went up another level.I just found out that it is possible to play chess without using any third party applications.Yes, you read that right.How to play you ask? Read through!

Starting the game

It is fairly easy to start the game but since it is crippled and stuffed into the messenger     (both on phone and website), it is little difficult for the beginners to play the game.To start the game just type “@fbchess play” and it starts the game.You can see a chess board popping up in your messenger window.

How to play

 It is really confusing and difficult in the beginning but I am sure good players can get used to it.To get help on commands you can type “@fbchess help” and get the details right away.For example “@fbchess e4” would move your pawn two spaces up.
As interesting as it may seem it is just interesting to find out that Facebook can do this and I am probably sure you will get fed up before finishing a game on this in-built chess or whatever name Facebook has for it.To play really worth online chess games log on to chess.com