For all the Non-techies out there!

 With the online messaging and social media sharing getting popular there are some inevitable rubbish which makes you laugh at times but this rubbish of a post or a message can often make a non-techie vulnerable.These are the 5 things which I come across more frequently.

Free money from apps

                 The link of and ad gets clicked as soon as there is a post on free money.People should understand if someone is giving you money for free,there must be something the vendor must be taking back which most people fail to understand.The thing is by giving you some money,the company earns double  from the data which you provide in order for you to get the money.The trick these vendors use is brilliant.They just insist that you install some X or Y app to your friend’s phone too and assures them both money and apparently what happens in the background is completely shadowed.

What in God’s name?

                This is a funny one.You often read a message in your Whatsapp which is a heck of a long message and ends with something like ” SHARE THIS TO 5 GROUPS OR JESUS/GANESHA WILL PUNISH YOU “.It’s little scary even to read right?And then one starts wondering “What if I don’t share it?”and then you share that God’s message to everyone and the text starts beeping in all the phones.Now,this is a message which sometimes makes even a techie person to go ahead and forward that message.One thing to understand is “No God will text you in Whatsapp!”

Send this to 5 groups

                 Often you come across a  nice picture made with some text or an image file which has the bottom line “SHARE TO 5 GROUPS AND SEE THE MAGIC”.Isn’t it pathetic just to read.Till now I don’t think there is any software which can perform this so called “MAGIC”,Ping me if you do find.              Whatsapp rolled out it’s calling feature in a similar way and I wondered why people didn’t understand it when it really means something and finally my only advice is


$1 for your “LIKE”

                 This one is for Facebook.I came across a heart melting picture of a sick child which said on top “Give a like and Facebook will give $1 for this baby”.For the first time I would have really believed had it said “I will donate 1$ for your like”.People should understand it is a hoax and they must voice against such people gaining cheap popularity.

Give me your password

                   I came across this in Facebook too.Apparently people give out passwords to anyone they find amusing.I saw this post which said 
                 When people wait for the magic,the passwords are stolen.Non-techie people easily fall for this and this may turn dangerous because there will be hardly any trace of an attack.
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