Google just changed it’s family

Google just changed it’s family
Google has been a company that thinks differently from its birth. It brought some crazy ideas that turned into products used by millions or rather billions in few cases.
Latest from Mr. Page just shook most of the techies around. Getting up early in the morning, you could see this buzz word “Alphabet”.

So what is alphabet all about? We ‘ll get you an insight into it.

Google is changing the way the company operates. It started a new company with the name Alphabet and now everything under Google is now under Alphabet. Whoa! Google just got a new parent company! *gigs*

Now, the big stuffs. Alphabet is not just Google. Its much more. Larry Page, heading Alphabet as CEO and Sergey as President, it is the parent for all the projects at Google such as the Self-driven car, glucose-sensing contact lenses, Calico Labs which focuses on research on the biological factor that controls life span, Wing – delivery drone and much more.

I know, these things seam spooky. But then, you cannot expect nothing less from a multi-billion dollar company.

We are excited about…

  • Getting more ambitious things done. 
  • Taking the long-term view. 
  • Empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish. 
  • Investing at the scale of the opportunities and resources we see. 
  • Improving the transparency and oversight of what we’re doing. 
  • Making Google even better through greater focus. 
  • And hopefully…as a result of all this, improving the lives of as many people as we can.

Wait, there is also one more thing to be excited about. Now that Larry went on to be the CEO for Alphabet, who heads its subsidiary..?
Yea, your guess is right. Google is going to be headed by Sundar Pichai, who was in charge of the major products at Google until now.

Larry says,

A key part of this is Sundar Pichai. Sundar has been saying the things I would have said (and sometimes better!) for quite some time now, and I’ve been tremendously enjoying our work together. He has really stepped up since October of last year, when he took on product and engineering responsibility for our Internet businesses. Sergey and I have been super excited about his progress and dedication to the company. And it is clear to us and our board that it is time for Sundar to be CEO of Google. I feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as he is to run the slightly slimmed down Google and this frees up time for me to continue to scale our aspirations.

Alphabet is also looking at investments, i.e., Ventures and Capital.

This is the complete breakdown of the Alphabet/Google. Tighten your seat belts for some exciting stuff from Calico Labs very soon.