Google Is Trying Out Material Design For Search And This Is How It Looks

Google Is Trying Out Material Design For Search And This Is How It Looks

After Drive, Analytics, YouTube and various other products, Google is bringing the flavor of material design to its minimalistic search engine. The changes were spotted by our team while doing searches in incognito mode. The design also applies to mobile devices as the changes persisted while checkout out the mobile view using the developer options in the browser.

Google Material Design Mobile

The new design sports the material design compliant tabs for sectional search such as images, news, videos etc. The search results also appear using the cards view, each result item in a separate card. There are bigger cards for showing additional links of the same website.

Material Design Google Search Card

Cards also appear for showing additional wiki information for organizations and products. But there is no major change in the homepage of the search engine giant.

The search tabs mobile view are more spread out to easily detect touch gestures. The spacing adds elegance and clarity to the search page itself. The company recently updates its video hosting site YouTube, giving it a material design appearance. Also, at its developer conference, the company updated their material design standards of Google Wear. Looking at all the movies, it is sure that material design is here to stay for long.

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