Google Updates Maps App: Adds WiFi Only Mode And Gets A Refreshing Look

Google started rolling out a couple of updates to it’s Maps app this week. The feature additions focus on making things easy for commuters. The Maps App for Android now comes with a WiFi only mode that reduces the mobile data usage. Once the app is in this mode, it stops using mobile data for downloading the maps data thus reducing the data consumption.

Google Maps Color Scheme Change

The feature is said to be released as staged rollouts where a set of people are given updates in each stage. So if you cannot find this feature in your app, do not panic. It is going to be available eventually.

Maps also came up with a feature called mass transit delays. This feature is aimed to improve the transit in public transport. It lets you know the expected delays in transit based on a number of parameters. The feature is still in a beta state and so do not expect a lot from it.

Maps also changed its color scheme to a lighter one in order to remove clutters. There is an improvement in typography for better viewing of names of places. Google calls the design “subtle and balanced”.

Last but not the least, Google Maps also adds “Areas of Interest”. These areas are determined by an algorithmic process that looks for the highest concentration of venues, restaurants, bars, and shops.

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