Here’s how to shoot some hoops : Facebook Messenger’s secret basketball game

Facebook has never been tired of surprising it’s users with new and exciting features in the Messenger app. Previously, Facebook had a hidden Chess game inside the app. This time the Social Networking giant has introduced a secret mini game inside the Messenger app. To play the game, make sure you have the latest updated version of the Messenger app.

playLocate the basketball emoji in a conversation and send it to a friend. Double tap on the basketball emoji. You would now be taken to the basketball court in a pure white background with a basketball and a hoop. On successful basket, game appreciates with different emoji’s like thumbs up, hands up, claps and smiles.


Messenger will also display the score to your friend and you can challenge your friends with the score. Yet more surprises are awaiting for you from Facebook while you shoot some hoops:)

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