Hike, the Indian-made Instant Messaging App is now looking at file sharing also

The second largest Instant messaging platform in India, Hike, added the option to send files offline to any other device that has the app installed in the close proximity. The move is to provide its customers with feature rich services. Recently, Hike announced their new and upgraded app (version 4.0) on both iOS and Android.

With the 70 Million active user base, the growth of the app since launch in 2012 is tremendous.

Currently we are processing 20 billion messages monthly and people are spending at least 140 minutes on the app on a weekly basis. – said Mr. Mittel

The new feature uses the same technology used in WiFi Direct, providing the ability to transfer over 60 Mb in under 10 Seconds. The limitation is that the phones need to be in the 100 meter radius to share the files.

Hike already had support for all the types of files unlike other services like WhatsApp which allows only images, videos and audio to be shared.

“At a point of time in the country where several people are yet to come online, hike Direct will connect users in a never before seen revolutionary way. The feature can work without Wi-Fi or mobile data and allow users to send photos, stickers, files and messages to anyone who is also on the hike network,” said Kavin Bharti Mittal, founder and chief executive of hike messenger.

The app currently processes 20 billion messages a day and its users spend at least 140 minutes on the app on an average on a weekly basis. The app has attractive feature set such as group messaging with 500 member limit and also group calls with 100 people connected at the same time. The app got a funding of $65 million last year from an overseas investor which is a huge sign of its popularity.

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