Instagram stories is going to eat Snapchat alive!

Instagram stories is going to eat Snapchat alive!

 Instagram, the subsidiary of the Social network giant rolled out its new stories feature and it can’t be more awesome. Snap chat is a similar application which became famous because of its everyday content theme and looks like Instagram’s new feature is inspired from it.

Inspired from Snapchat

The biggest advantage here is for the brands to advertise without actually flooding the users feed which will eventually increase their reach.Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom surprisingly admitted that this new feature of Insta is a clone of Snapchat stories, He  admitted “They deserve all the credit,” but insisted “This isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”Facebook has introduced this feature in order to increase the number of original posts which had decreased by 15% and also wanted to have users more than just posting polished selfies and curated food. Systrom wanted this feature because he wanted Insta to have that edge which makes users post their stories everyday and also not spam their friend’s feed.



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You can choose to draw on your stories similar to adding caption in Snapchat and one of my personal favorite feature: This has nothing to do with public likes or comments by taking immense pressure off of compulsive social media users.Kudos to Instagram for that!

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