Interesting YouTube secrets revealed!

Interesting YouTube secrets revealed!
Youtube has a lot of hidden secrets and this is just few of them which I found and personally felt entertaining and useful.Read through for more!

Transparent Player

Youtube has rolled out a new and improved design for it’s player and it is awesome.If you haven’t got that yet,don’t wait for it.Here is the secret.Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.Just click “Get the Player” button and voila,You have the redesigned YouTube player.
You can also sign up for various other ‘science’y stuff over there.

The Harlem Shake 

The Harlem Shake is a kind of a meme and dance combination which was going viral and YouTube decided to play along.Here is how.Go to YouTube and type do the Harlem shake.Make sure your speakers are down.Yes!It comes with an audio experience.

May the force be with you

First of all,I am not a fan of Star Wars but apparently YouTube is and here is how they showed it to the world.Go to YouTube and type “use the force luke” in the search bar and YouTube becomes so flexible suddenly.Experience the fun!

Bored of the same old red and black?

If you are bored of seeing the same red black and white on your YouTube page,you can just add some color to it just like that.Go to the search bar and type “doge meme” and paint your life with color.

Sit back.Relax!

I have saved the best for the last.Do you ever feel the need to just stop using your mouse and control everything on keys.You can say goodbye to your mouse at It is an alternative user experience provided by YouTube and it is extremely smooth.With the provided on screen keyboard commands you can navigate to your favorite channels and videos faster and it is not too complex to use whatsoever.