Limit Your Internet Access Speed To Reduce Data Usage In Windows

Limit Your Internet Access Speed To Reduce Data Usage In Windows

Most of the times, there are chances that some applications might eat up your Internet bandwidth. Applications like Google Chrome and Firefox usually download updates to their software code when the browser is open and idle. Microsoft Windows itself might get huge updates as piece from its servers. And if your PC is infected by certain types of malwares, they might even download other malicious codes that could potentially harm your computer system.

In such situations, softwares that monitor your traffic usage for you might come in handy. NetLimiter is one such client-side traffic shaping and monitoring software for the Windows OS. It lets users to have full control over the bandwidth utilized by the machine. Additionally, it lets users to set rules for certain applications whether to allow internet access or not.


In addition to it, it lets users to view a long term statistics of the traffic and the usage by each application. It’s filtering algorithm allows to identify the application that uses more bandwidth and disable its access.

The USP of the software is its ability to prioritize applications based on the users needs. This allows users to run downloads without affecting the work of the user as downloads would be nearly paused when other important applications are in use.

NetLimiter also supports for scheduling of rules and IPv6 protocols. Possibility to automatically enable limit or firewall rule and to identify and possibly stop unwanted traffic are on the cards. for the next release.


  • The usability and design elements make it user friendly
  • The availability of options to deeply customize the rules
  • Statistical view


  • Requires the user to set up initially (not auto-configurable)

Download: Website


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