Looks like Google Glass is getting a update

Looks like Google Glass is getting a update
From the reports that surfaced in the FCC(Federal Communications Council) website, there is a new version of Google Glass that is in the making. Google seams to have submitted the prototype for approval to the council. But the furnished details hints at an enterprise version of the glass and not a consumer one.

The major change is the new hinge that lets users to fold up the glass so as to fit in the constrained environments. The design seams to me much more simpler that the previous one making the charging and USB connections easier.


It supports 5GHz Wi-Fi, different from its predecessor, and it even comes with a little camera light on the front of the glasses. This light flips on when the camera is in use—something that a third-party app or hack could undoubtedly get rid of, but it’s still a nice nod to privacy that gives people a visual indication of when someone might be filming with their Glass headset. It’s also supposed to be more durable than the previous Google Glass, and waterproof as well.


Reports from Ars Technica suggests that, it’s likely that this new version of Glass will be sold exclusively via Google’s Glass for Work program allowing businesses to customize software for the headsets depending on what they might need them for. The device might even support an external battery pack at some point, for those who need more up time with their headsets than what the original Google Glass could provide.

Hoping for an exciting 2016 with Google 🙂