Making Chrome Personal: Saving Websites Offline on Mobile and Web

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world, followed by Mozilla Firefox. Its packed with so much of features that can be used for multiple purposes too. The good thing is that Google is doing a great job in bringing all the features available in desktop to mobile.

Not every user is  connected to the Internet all the time and so it is very necessary for users in developing countries like India to take content offline for later reading. Follow these steps to get content saved.

Load the webpage when the internet of available on your device (content size is not a problem).
Go to options and then choose “Print” or Ctrl + P on desktop.

You’ll get an option menu / screen that allows you to select certain choices, like paper size, orientation etc.
Basically the technique is to save the webpage as a PDF document locally so that it is accessible offline.

Similar options will be available in your desktop also.

Varun is a Software Developer by profession and blogger by passion. He likes to talk about technology and things on the internet that makes life easy.