Photos that tell a story is now a reality

Photos that tell a story is now a reality

Remember the amount of fantasy in the Harry Potter movies? One of them just got serious. A company called LifePrint has introduced a new tech that enables users to print out augmented reality photos, videos, gif’s etc. Once the printed photo is viewed via their app, it starts playing the scene(in case of a motion video).

With a funding of over $200,000 , the company is expecting to enter mass production with a tie-up with multiple partners. But wait, how does this work? It’s a simple technique that turns out to be a healthy idea.

LifePrint Demo

With the app connected to the printer, you can choose a photo or a video clip and send a command to print it. The printer gets the photo print done with a small logo at the bottom right. People at LifePrint tell that it is for easy identification, but I prefer calling it as advertising 😛 .After the photo is printed, once you show the photo over the LifePrint camera, it automatically starts playing! Magic?  Not at all.

The videos are actually stored else where before they are printed. Also the print face of the video is linked to the actual video which makes it easier to identify and play from corresponding photos.

Feature list? This is what the company says!

LifePrint Features

The app also adds in a lot of effects and stuff that can be added to the entire video itself. Also it can connect to printers worldwide over a dedicated social network where you can like, comment or reply to other’s photographs.

Still didn’t get a hang of it? Watch this video.

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