Popcorn Buzz by Line

Popcorn Buzz by Line
In general, the moment a fourth person enters a group call, it becomes difficult to hold a proper conversation. But Japan-based Line wants you to call 200 people at once for free. Line has introduced a new Android app called Popcorn Buzz which allow users to add up to 200 participants in one call. Everything, including the call is for free.
Techinically, it’s a big deal for Line- 200 people on one call is not easy thing to achieve. For the record, Skype supports a maximum of 25 people on a group call. Be it 25 or 200, the bigger question is do you have a single group with 25 or 200 friends and most importantly can you really hold a conversation with at least 25 people at once if not 200?

Popcorn Buzz can be downloaded from Google Play. It is currently works with smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher. Line might be introducing popcorn Buzz on iOS along with a video group chat option later.
It has an average rating of 4.4 in play store and reviews state that amazingly its got a great clarity and a great user interface.Among all the positive comments received,Line corporation would probably consider “Far more better than Whatsapp call” as its greatest achievement.