Scroll Smoother with CSS/JS : How To

Scroll Smoother with CSS/JS : How To
Do you really mean scroll affects your web page? Yes, it does. When you have a page with bad scrolling options and/or buggy effects, there is a natural tendency for the readers to leave the webpage. This might also affect the performance of their machines(includes mobile devices too).

Today, I am going to show how you can turn your links inside the page to make smoother scrolling to the exact locations. It requires you to insert a JavaScript code in order to make it happen.

Step 1 : Add JQuery to your Webpage.

JQuery can be added in 2 separate ways. You can download the JavaScript file from the Jquery website itself and add it to your page.
Secondarily, you can use services that host the JQuery code for you so that you can reduce the load on your server. One such link is provided by Google, which is very reliable.

Step 2 : Add this code to your page.

Step 3 : Sit back and Enjoy.

All the links within your page will provide a smooth scrolling experience to your users.