Simple Step To Save Space On Your Raspberry Pi

Simple Step To Save Space On Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is one of the most used single-board computers available on the market. Developed with the goal of teaching computer science at cheaper cost, the board has gone from being an educational tool to one that can be used in real-time projects that facilitate the Internet of Things. There are different versions of the chip that provide various sets of ports for accomplishing different tasks.

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It can run any distro that is based on Linux. Raspbian is the most commonly used operating system for the device as it has native support for most of the peripherals. Its based on debian Linux and has over 35000 packages that can be installed based on the requirement.

Unfortunately Raspbian OS comes with packages like Libre Office, Wolfram, Minecraft and lot more. And these packages tend to occupy over  a GB of space. If you need these packages for your project or work, it is up to you to retain it.

raspberry pi free disk space

But for casual users, it turns out to be an overhead as there will be only limited amount of storage unless your model supports SD cards to be used. So, to remove those unnecessary packages, just fire up the terminal in your OS and run the following command.

sudo apt-get purge wolfram-engine libreoffice* minecraft-pi

sudo apt-get clean

sudo apt-get autoremove

If in case any errors pop up, try removing one package at a time.

Other alternatives for your to save some space is to use a lighter version of the Raspbian OS or try out DietPi, which as the name suggests is Raspberry Pi on diet.