A Simple Trick To Make Your Android Feel Like iOS

A Simple Trick To Make Your Android Feel Like iOS

Customization has always been the priority for most of the android users. Since the OS is open sources, manufacturers itself provide customized versions of the OS to lure users. In addition to it, there are a lot of third-party applications in play store that takes the ability to customize to the next level. From themes to launchers and even different types of keyboards, Android is packed with a variety of applications that gives each user the ability to transform the UI of the OS to his needs.

And iOS themes have always been an eye-grabber for most of the android users, just because of its simplicity and also that many users cannot afford to spend on an iPhone. Although there are many apps that promise iOS-like looks, the launcher that we are going to see today does much more than being an app launcher.

Geak Launcher

GEAK Launcher

The launcher is created with a purpose of delivering most used apps of the phone in a single small package(apk). The developers claim that the launcher is pretty fast. Based on out tests, since apps like dialer come along with the launcher itself, they open up much faster than the android’s built-in version.

The launcher consists of a variety of themes but the iOS theme is the most appealing one. Also it comes with a settings activity that would replace most the common used functions in the built-in settings app. It is to be noted that the settings also has an iOS-like theme by default.

Geak Launcher App

Geak Launcher Quick Settings

The dialer app is sleek and it supports dual-sim devices also. The app also incorporates fuzzy searching that enables to search through contacts by name and number at the same time and also blacklisting ability to block phishing or telemarketing calls. The messages app provides the stock features along with various emoticons.

The launcher also has its own newsroom that is at the left most screen of the launcher. It displays headlines from all over the world.  You can also hide applications with the launcher’s privacy feature and view them on entering the pass code. The Geak marketplace provides you with app recommendations and also presents the best apps from around the world. It also has a quick settings feature that improves the productivity by reducing the time to perform functions.

Geak Launcher Weather

The best part is that the launcher is free and takes up only 6.5Mb of apk size. The launcher also has provisions to add shortcuts to commonly used web apps right from the home screen.

Google Play: Geak Launcher

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