Thanks a lot for Facebook Lite!

Thanks a lot for Facebook Lite!
Facebook is numero uno when it comes to  social networking  in the world and has an amazing application service on android as well as on other platforms.The Facebook app will cause quite some trouble when the phone uses a 2G data connection or when the phone is out of internal storage space.

Facebook rolled out a brand new app which runs on android platform without consuming much data or occupying much space on internal storage which is ideal for any phone that runs on 2G data or has a low internal storage and unlike the Facebook app Facebook Lite does not require a separate app just for their messaging service.

The app  is now available across Asia and will be soon rolled out in Latin America,Africa and Europe.The app uses very low storage which is less than 1.5 Megabyte which is really astonishing considering the fact that the app includes a lot of requirements like news feed,status update,notifications and messenger and they have done it amazingly well. However,the Facebook Lite  app can,in no way match the smoothness and finesse of its parent app. Vijay Shankar, the product manager of Facebook Lite has said that Facebook wanted to provide a good connectivity to developing nations where people still use 2G which is less powerful then 4G connections in developed nations.
Facebook continues us to amaze it’s users by achieving the impossible and this shows the quality and effort of engineers at Facebook Inc.