The 360 camera

The 360 camera

The Pioneer of 360

The Famous Youtube prankster/V-logger has been a pioneer in making the 360 videos famous although they lack quality on video and sound.The first impression of the video will be exciting and fun because you have something to play with on the screen and it shows the complete surroundings of the camera.

Lacks Quality

The videos uploaded might be a visual treat to the high speed internet users but not so much for the majority others.Once you get used to the video,the visuals are slightly disturbing to the eyes and the core content of the video is not rendered.If you are serious about the content to be delivered via the camera, don’t go for it.

A Modest beginning 

The 360 videos might have had a slow start but with some technological improvements made and with good internet connectivity.This might be one of the things that rules viral videos on Youtube. It gives such hope only when famous “You-tuber”s (as they call it now-a-days) start spreading these new stuff around.
Play around with the pranks video in the link 🙂