The revolution of Chat-bots that awaits us! Read through!

The revolution of Chat-bots that awaits us! Read through!

The tech world is full of surprises. Just as I am writing this someone somewhere is inventing something which is going to create history.There are smartphones,there are apps for smartphones,there are VR apps and just when we think we’ve seen it all, Microsoft decides to go all in on the so called Chat-bots.


What are Chat-bots

Last week in a magazine’s cover story Satya Nadella has revealed Microsoft’s plans to go for Chat-bots. Chat-bots are basically artificially intelligent assistants which help you to do tasks which you usually feel the need to postpone like book a flight, paying taxes and schedule important stuff. The working demo of these chat-bots are likely to be shown this Wednesday during Microsoft’s annual Build developer’s conference in San Francisco.

There are lot of similar applications like Amazon’s echo which has a built-in assistant called Alexa which will help you do your mundane tasks and services like magic which works like the same but with your messaging app.Facebook is everywhere these days, I never thought i would find something on Facebook while researching for chat-bots but now I am going to have to make a separate section for it.

Facebook M

Facebook has been slowly rolling out it’s virtual assistant M to people in California, It’s going to be a while before it comes to India but a little more insight on this M wouldn’t hurt.Would it? M is a combination of humans and Robot minds that work well together and completes tasks. The users are supposed to be the trainers by showing the AI how to do things.Simply put it is a Siri which can learn from you!


Despite being only weeks old this ambitious experiment is turning out to be amazing and M is already taking AI to a whole new level.It is extremely limited right now and only a number of users are running this M. Can’t wait to get hands on it!

Coming back to Microsoft,their keen interest in promoting this tech might be because of the reason that they missed out,I would say completely in the smartphone era and they don’t want to repeat their mistakes.

Disastrous start

On the other side every good must have something bad and Microsoft’s first exploits on twitter’s Chat-bot was a complete failure I would say.Microsoft released “Tay”, a chat-bot designed to speak like a teenager which went horribly wrong as it started learning racist and abusive inputs which forced Microsoft to finally pull the plugs on Tay. But Microsoft’s pursuit towards chat-bots continues.