Now You Can Save Wikipedia Articles Offline

Now You Can Save Wikipedia Articles Offline

Wikipedia is a one-stop knowledge provider for many problems, from school projects to even scientific advancements in research. It has evolved over the years, storing more than 5,113,841 articles in the English version alone. According to the website, it have 38,965,474 wiki pages so far, increasing at a rate of 20,000 pages a month. The storage size grew steadily from 1 GB in 2006 to 9 GB in 2013 to 11.5 GB in 2015. You will find literally everything that you need to know.

But, can you rely on Internet’s mercy to get the information all the time? Below are various methods that can be used to save the pages in Wikipedia offline.

Saving Individual Articles:

Wikipedia provides you the ability to save individual articles in the form of PDF. In order to do that, head over to the page of the article you want to save. In the left sidebar, go to the print/export section and find “Download as PDF” option. Wikipedia will take a few seconds to generate the PDF for you and provides you the downloadable file. Using this method, you can download as many files as you need.

Wikipedia Download as PDF

Another method is to use the print feature embedded in your browser. On the article page, hit Ctrl +P or the Print option in the settings menu. It gives you a small dialog box, where you’ll have to choose the “Save ad PDF” as your destination instead of the printer name. Choose the location to save the file in the succeeding window.

Wiki Print

Wikipedia Book Creator

Wikipedia allows you to create a book with selective pages of your choice and turn it into a PDF for download.

With the book creator you can create a book containing wiki pages of your choice. You can export the book in different formats (for example PDF or ODF) or order a printed copy.

It also lets you add an entire category to a book that you are creating.

Wiki Book Creator

To start creating a book, open the wiki page that you wish to create a book for. Scroll down to find the “Create a Book” option on the left sidebar. Once you start the book creator, a dialog box stays on top of the page unless you finish the book or stop the process.

Get the entire database

This option could be used by developers and geeks, as they could download the entire pages in Wikipedia. The dump files are made available by the Wikimedia Foundation for download. The English-version alone costs you 12 GiB in size, compressed. On extraction, it takes about 50 GiB of storage. Note: 1 GiB ≈ 1.074 GB. The Dumps can be downloaded here.

In case we missed out on any other methods for taking Wikipedia offline, do let us know in the comment section below.

  1. Wow this is awesome info Varun. Used to just copy and paste whatever sections I need into words and save. Didn’t realize of the feature availablility till now. Great and thanks 🙂

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